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tv   Kultur.21  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2020 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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cultural riches were brutally stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from that have you feel. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. go unsold start september 7th on g.w. . art installations for the digital age or the new museum in amsterdam more on back coming up later on in the show. hello and welcome to another fun edition of your
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own max with me your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming up on today's program. chalion artist later not a fredo give string instrument and added bonus. and the perfect movie nash little from a top indiana. but we kick off the show on the greek island of powerless which has landed 1st place in a survey on the best island in europe besides sun serve good food and horseback riding what else could you ask for in a getaway well my colleague michael kroger went to paris to see if this island really does earn the title of the ideal vacation destination. the greek island of power says it lies in the heart of the secluded and the aegean
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sea. they say this is the best island in europe but there are so many what does it have what others don't let's find out. if they're surveyed by travel magazine found the island can satisfy every tourist wishes no matter what kind of occasion they unlucky for. paris is famed for its crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches this is the most famous one point a hot spot for kate surface. but kite surfing isn't really my thing. i prefer to explore the beaches in a different way on horseback by the way meet my namesake not my kid but mikey and he can swim it doesn't get better than this. that was fun that was really raising. so the beaches are great but what about the
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towns left kiss is one of the most beautiful places on paros due to the coronavirus pandemic there on many tourists i enjoy the peace and quiet left us was built further inland at a time when attacks by pirates were still common i could sit here for hours but i want to find out more about the history of powers so i take a walk into the past with kovi says he knows everything about this island. together we visit an ancient site one of paris most famous tourist attractions. and here they used to quality marble one of the purest high end marbles and antiquity my guide really knows how to bring history to life he says power us was once
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a rich island. absolutely sculpted parts of it for example. made the fire marble and you know according to some estimate something like 70 percent of the sculpted bases you know statues whatever relief i was found in the embrace to make damien they were made with part of marble we're talking about gone from tons of marble today the island's residents are working on a new export hit here and here is all the production here is all the production for the us we will use the production of the stuff we find visit the islands 1st brewery founded by 2 greeks former investment managers and an austrian brewer a recipe for success it seems their peers now exported world white. we wanted to have a good production a sufficient enough to start with the local products and then go from there
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a cultural being cheered up to the coming of the locals but also people coming from around the world visiting our ocean drinking something that is made on the i genuinely them or they come from germany so i'm a bit picky when it comes to being. an intel and but this is really delicious thank you thank you very much here this version richard. nothing can beat a cold beer in the evening except enjoying the sunset on paris it's absolutely perfect. the locals aren't surprised that it was voted the europe's best. book euro gold in the world what do you think. that's a step. father told amber one of the you know you know this you know. that. minus invites me to join him for dana the food is another reason why powers was voted
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europe's best island as well as the. laid back atmosphere. people leave well the world. and they that's one of the things that draws people here the food is fresh from the from the sea it's a place that. i certainly drink to that. so what can i say maybe palace is not the best in a particular category here and you know but it's simply office the whole package and i have to admit i had an amazing time with extremely friendly located so i hope to see you again. paris certainly looks like it does check all the right boxes. moving on now to architect christoph in whole friend who is leading the way when it comes to sustainable
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development now he's received worldwide recognition for his innovative and trendsetting designs his latest concept looks at ways of combating global warming in the big city we took a look at this innovative large scale project in the western german city of which steers architecture in a very green direction. it doesn't get any greener than this this stunning building complex in the western german city of distilled off will soon be home to shops and offices some 30000 plants that dormy have side. we're trying to bring some green into the city for a quite radical approach. to the rooftops of facades and set an example. to make people stop and think. it's self in and move and is a start architect front door. by has the largest green façade anywhere in
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europe. have a total length of about 8 kilometers they serve a primarily ecological purpose. to be experiencing very hot cities and they're getting even hotter more so for the surrounding areas that's because of the many heat reflecting rooftops of course a roof like this is an enormous help because it not only covers the interior but it does so in a very cold about way. in hovan it's widely regarded as one of the world's most innovative architects his designs can now be found from your up to us cranium. in 2018 and now we know one event in singapore. some 350 species of tropical plants are integrated into this residential and office building . those what is the growing up here if we didn't build it and how can we give you might say
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a clear piece of ground back to the people. that's known as replacement. for all nursery to do it. release the piece of ground and groove the plans on it. it was almost a kind of business in itself. any more than started his firm in one architects in 1905 since one several international competitions keeping in june with nature and customizing to local conditions have become the hallmarks of his architecture. he created an expansive health resort on the north sea islands absolute with thatched roof houses but environmentalist have criticised the project which is close to a conservation area in 2006. nations center the airline's new head office opened at frankfurt airport all the work spaces have a view of the integrated garden that also works to absorb some of the airplane noise the offices are also designed to be open and flexible doesn't mean modern
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office work means it's no longer work confined to an office people shouldn't have to spend the whole day sitting at a desk they should be able to work in the cafeteria hallways. of the garden. time and time again christophe ing in holden has had to field criticism for example for the new subterranean central station in. construction of the mega project in south west germany has been accompanied by massive protests since it began in 2010 delays and cost overruns threaten to push completion past the planned date in 2025 . when you do things that are exceptionally large scale and confrontational that's what happens in stuttgart we were always asking is what we're doing right. if you justify it. and i'm still firmly convinced that it's a magnificent project it's the curve it's fine joins the ensemble if it dies scheibe and house built in 1916 and the just adore the house theatre from 1917 the
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theatre is seen as an icon of west german post-war architecture. kristoff in. hovan has also taken on the renovation work for the think it is fixed yet never story. it's a building from my childhood. i'm a little different and i remember this theater very well be there with my parents and many of the people out there give you what it's always been a building i loved and i still love it today. it's an incredibly beautiful and challenging building. now aged 16 crystal in the hole from the spying to hama nights the city's architectural legacy with its and an implementation for its future political as have already nicknamed the building in whole. string instruments aren't just for playing they're also objects of beauty to be admired now the 1st thing you might notice about
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a violin for example is that the body is made of highly polished wood now one artist from italy decided that these beautiful instruments provide a perfect canvas for illustrations the results of his painstaking work are certainly worth a closer look so we met up with him in his chosen home london. london based on his. use is a nick dips in to illustrate stringed instruments primarily violins the instruments on his canvas. on the shape of the violin it's very hard. to paint because it's like. that mentioned so he's a 3 dimensional object and it's very hard to paint on the side or on the top part is different and it should be very careful because the ink his liquids and his. if i made
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a mistake he says is one cycle of violence pre-game has gone motifs like the 7 deadly sins including fluff and enough. these 4 seasons or scenes from the ancient roman city of palm paint. this was inspired by the 19th century english artist william morris. to paint a violin can take up to a month and to paint a cello can takes up to 3 months to paint that to really need to be spar it's by the story all the biography i really like. paints personal biography as well like if a customer or someone wants a violin is parted by his life the violin belonging to israeli concert violinist markovitch in the street scenes from the life of the most famous violin maker of
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all time and tony almost. there is his workshop back in cremona and italy then there is cremona in the muck of italy. there's a number of instruments that he built the homes and 100 is the label. that he used to put inside his instruments. there all the years of which he used to operate that's going. on behind you can see his family tree i really love this. not all the violin there's no not if they go in a straight summit to be played even if the artwork has no effect on the less sound . how many times do you see an instrument that is also a painting at the same time and that's one extra value that i absolutely love about this volume and i enjoy just taking it on stage. currently
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leonardo if we go is working on a special project he's a skating 33 violins and a cello with motives from a 700 year old book the divine comedy by italian or sat down today i make yet again it's the earliest what i have a written in the italian language i start to read the chapter so our rights on my book and all the names or. locations that he's describing and after that i sketch on paper and the design to paint on the violin. sometimes i stress. on the space bar so i can see on the violin if it's a good proportion. the series of 33 violins this close to completion to month the 700 times in history have done change dance in 2021 they are not in fredo plans to exhibit the works internationally and show the world a piece of
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a time. anything. time now for something to eat and when you think of a typical austrian dish what comes to mind being there are schnitzel of course well that's actually quite easy to make but it does require a very delicate balance when it comes to the ingredients we get a lesson now on how to make the perfect salt from an expert in beata. it has to be crunchy when you're on your fork over it and it has this crunchiness and it gives you 100 goose bumps then it's a perfect been a schnitzel. been
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the hello i'm your going to be the master chef for them is lunch today we're going to make an authentic finish and it's all i mean it's a vanish and it's all is only ever made would feel not pork turkey or vegetables. michelle that's not actually we did cut a lot of about 180 to 200 grams and butterfly cut. this is important as i want the cutlets to remain whole and that's only possible with a butterfly cut. otherwise i'll end up with 3 or 4 small cutlets but that's not a proper wienerschnitzel. the classic wienerschnitzel is about $5.00 to $6.00 millimeters thick we're going to kind of flatter to about $3.00 to $4.00 millimeters without the cutlets to make it more tender.
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so for the right coating you need salt planted flowers fresh air breadcrumbs. you need a special kind of a bread roll and not a knowledge seem to make the bread crumbs ones which are hung made and contain milk that makes the bread crumbs more fluffy and the perfect bread crumbs i made by letting the bread rolls right properly until they're dry as a bone then you great them yourself. in the middle use 5 to 7 eggs 1st it's all so that they can swim in it like in a swimming pool but it's important not to beat the eggs 100 percent but you can still see some egg whites the yolks that's very important in this way the schnitzel becomes fluffy at the end. it's always has to be salted otherwise it will have no
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flavor of meat always needs to be salt plain flowers perfect for wienerschnitzel it's like the glue and it's really important for the meat to be completely covered in the flour otherwise the bread crumbs will have stuck and now dip the schnitzel an egg they have to be completely coated. don't press it this is very important just very light 123 and if you press too hard the coating won't be fluffy. we've got poor card that's the classic then we've got clarified butter which gives the veal but delicious buttery taste or we can use vegetable oil which is milder than more neutral it's european my recommendation is clarified butter it's perfect if earth is about 6 centimeters deep thick so it can properly swim in it now we
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took the bread crumbs we don't need to measure the temperature it's no clumps like this it's perfect. and now we've got to be quick that's all it doesn't take long. crowd but released the schnitzel into the fat directing it away from your body it could splash onto your otherwise. we go can you see how nicely it sizzling moving the pan it's done in no time at that ring but come on turn it around keep moving the pan and there comes the bubbles always close the schnitzel on the paper immediately to soak up the fat it's supposed to be crispy but not greasy. garnish for wienerschnitzel always consists of a lemon slice and then we've got a song called caper i like that's basically until we wrapped around a table of work that. didn't have it when you mention a little at home everybody comes to visit my dad grandma the wife kids everyone is
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there for the schnitzel and that really makes me happy. everyone has their. and if you would like to see more reports about food restaurants and interesting recipes then check out our you tube channel d.w. food here's a small taste of what you'll find there. you see these. stories . doozy. using the best chefs with their fast chips from meat dishes to seeking diets and a little recipe secret while. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. subscribe and enjoy d. tell you for. life
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these days is hardly conceivable without computer technology the digital revolution has taken over almost all aspects of our lives and it's rapidly entering the art world as well the next museum in amsterdam is the 1st museum in the netherlands dedicated solely to digital art in its opening exhibition it uses state of the art technology to show us what a future world could look like. powerful effects multimedia and interactive. amsterdam's new next museum is devoted entirely to digital art. the 1st exhibition presents 7 works devoted to facial recognition digital surveillance and the effects of climate change once or natural environment has been destroyed what will remain. tell an interactive art world made up of technical natural elements evoke similar
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feelings to real nature. this is precisely what hubbard tuts and installation by dutch artist helene blanc and invites the viewer to find out if. they are. just really involving swords or. if. i think that it's a wonderful. museum is founder marilyn holston developed the concept to her a few years ago she found the ideal location for her project in the north of amsterdam a former television studio. the marketing expert was able to win over a number of investors and make her dream a reality. i think we are totally obsessed with the future and with technology. like with everything that's new in technology it's evolving so rapidly that what we want to do is take technical innovation take artistic science and mold them
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together music and really give you the experience of the future and also about the topics of the future that you continuum installation by environmental artist ty speer staker visualizes the subterranean communication between 2 trees the simulation reacts to c o 2 output vibrations and temperature changes caused by the visitors. did you do it is a field that's emerging not only because i've been able to people to understand it's another data streams a lot easier so did you are just used to our new generation. the inaugural exhibition is called shifting proximities. is for you that's if you're sometimes in the middle of the. service for the well being to share outside social service so amazing all that and the story behind it
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and it's it's a really unique experience and maybe goes beyond interactivity really it really touches you with these it touches me and then at that many place in the world where you can actually experience it like that installations can't predict how the future will really look like. with visitors to m saddam's new museum could already immerse themselves in potential visions of a future. and with that we wrap up another show be sure to follow us on social media and don't forget to check out our own website where you can find out all the information on how to enter this week's draw and with a little bit of luck you could be the proud owner of an exclusive euro max watch as always for me and the rest of the crew here in berlin thanks for watching we'll see you again soon.
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a cheerful mood is always yet undeniably different brylin during the pandemic summer visitors are slowly starting to trickle back at praed what kind of an experience are they enforce. our tests for is safe is it to the german capital.
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30 minutes bonded to. medicine from a new. microbiologist in syria make it a reality based searching for new sources of antibiotics in sponges to counter the growing resistance to conventional antibiotics it's among the costly road. tomorrow to do. 60 minutes on d w. like . a mug or does love ask. for the russians so. they're steamed. so
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many different walks of life. some quite. oddly. but all of them come straight from the heart to receive even when there is no more delusional marsh to enjoy. from the 1st of the last to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. one of a kind and. joy i get a coincidence. that tamoxifen previously it's earth was just messy chemistry last time i thought mission. where the improbable but. the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery get us out there as
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a little bit with. what is the earth more unique start september 18th on g.w. . this is g.w. news live from donald trump on the defensive often media reports suggest he disparage the american war did the us president is disputing reports he cold full of american soldiers and marines losers on a visit to france and the controversy is placing support for the military front and center out in the presidential campaign also coming up women in bell and bruce lee
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delaying just challenge to all thora tarion president alexander lukashenko and exiled opposition leaders.


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